Management, Hospitality Services

We have over 25 years’ experience in successfully operating focused service and extended stay hotels on behalf of both affiliated owners and third-party owners.  Our extensive experience operating both franchised and independent hotels has led to our operating philosophy:

We only operate focused service and extended stay hotels;

As authorized operators of Hilton, Marriott and other fine brands we value those brands but we understand  there are many different lodging needs in many different markets, among many different customer groups;

We are hand’s-on and personally involved in the operations of every hotel we manage; which is why:

  • We limit our territory to no more than a 4 hour drive from Morgantown; and
  • We limit the number of new management assignments we accept in any one year to no more than three, so
  • We are able to give our utmost attention to making your hotel flourish for you, your guests and your employees.
  • At your hotel we work with the general manger to:
  • Formulate budgets, operating and sales plans;
  • Oversee hotel operations;
  • Assure that the assets are maintained and upgraded as necessary.

For you the owner we:

  • Provide regular, timely financial, operating and asset reports.
  • Assess the hotel’s potential and
  • Consult regarding such matters as re-financing, selling, etc.

We take pride in being accountable to owners, guests, staff, franchisors, taxing and regulating agencies:

Equally as important, our goal is to deliver a very strong “bottom-line:”

  • The hotels currently managed and developed by Centurion have consistently delivered internal rates of return well above 25%!

Centurion Hospitality Services… provides asset and operations management to focused service and limited service hotels for the Centurion Companies and its affiliates as well as for third-parties.  As with other Centurion family members our guiding principle is “to do unto others and for others as we would have others do unto and for us.”  That means that Centurion Hospitality Services strives to maximize revenues and minimize expenses in order to provide the best return on investment.